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Powerful Mobile Solutions™

When the world’s leading companies need mission-critical mobile applications, they call WillowTree.  Bridging the highest level of consumer UX with enterprise-grade deployments and security, WillowTree is the partner of choice in three areas:

Field Solutions:  Reengineering large field sales and services teams by leveraging mobile tied into existing systems, with a goal of at least 10X ROI.  Find out how we are helping a digital sales force deliver custom presentations to its clients real-time, or how the world’s largest electrical distributor is re-engineering how it supports hundreds of thousands of contractors in the field.

Mobile Platforms & Connected Devices:  Prototyping and launching applications interfacing with existing devices and systems. Find out how we helped GE launch a new connected industrial computer, or are working with Microchip, a leading semiconductor company, to help their clients connect devices to mobile applications.

Media Delivery: Delivering incredible media and entertainment experiences to every screen, when every pixel counts.  More than a digital design agency, WillowTree helps our clients architect the full stack, so mobile experiences for end users are beautiful, fast, stable and secure.  Find out how we are helping one of the world’s largest media companies relaunch its flagship brand in Europe across multiple devices, how we helped a leading US TV network transform its relationship with its users, or how we helped the American Red Cross deliver life-saving information to potential natural disaster victims.

We bring together the full suite of skills required for true enterprise-level mobile deployments including:

Mobile Strategy & Business Process Redesign
Mobile Experience Design
Native App Development
Mobile and Responsive Web Development
Cloud / API Integration & Deployment
Mobile Security & Compliance Management
Analytics & Engagement Optimization

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How do we do it?

Selective Hiring

We hire the best designers and developers in the market to build a team made up of 10x performers. We review over 1,000 resumes and interview over 20 candidates per hire.

Single Location

Forrester research confirms that co-located teams significantly outperform distributed teams. We insist that every member of every project team works on site in the same office. Nothing is outsourced or freelanced.

Cost-Efficient Onshore Development

Our college town development center allows us to attract top talent at lower overhead costs, with much higher retention rates.

Mobile First

Mobile from the ground up – a relentless pursuit of exceptional user experiences on every screen including smartphones, tablets, desktops, interactive TVs, and wearable devices.

Architecture & Deployment

Not just app development, we help our clients optimize every piece of the mobile delivery infrastructure including API development, compression algorithms and mobile security.

Direct Client Contact with Design/Dev Teams

Clients interface directly with our strategists, designers, developers and marketers – all anchored by the DRI (Directly Responsible Individual).

Proprietary Technologies

Leveraging 100s of mobile deployments, we have created internal systems and libraries to permit us to speed coding, deployment, and testing, resulting in faster cycles and lower costs.

Digital Transformation

More than just great mobile design and development – we solve real business problems with a focus on delivering measurable ROI on every project.

Consumer-Grade UI Meets Enterprise Apps

Our consumer-tested, design-driven approach results in faster employee adoption and more efficient usage.